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If you could choose any designer to do a children’s collection, who would you pick?


"Fashion people joke that you always see the same things at Demeulemeester: black, white, feathers, billowing Edwardian jackets, boots, touches of barbarism. It is a technically accurate, if intellectually empty assessment. "Every collection is a new step" she explains. "It is the soul that stays the same, and this is why people have the impression that nothing changes."
Ann Demeulemeester in conversation with Angelo Flaccavento

Visionaire 18: Fashion Special
"Marcelo Krasilcic, who had his first gallery show this year, travelled to his hometown of Sao Paulo, Brazil to shoot young New York  designer Susan Cianciolo’s second collection. He chose as subjects, his mother Clara, 49, and Darlene de Souza, a 17 year old homeless crack-addict (pictured above) he read about in the local newspapers, who is now in rehabilitation."

Guinivere Van Seenus wearing Viktor & Rolf and shot by Philippe Cometti for Dutch magazine no.28, Jul/Aug. 2000

Overdose de glamour, on préfere le minimalisme made in belgique, le pauperism,e des tructur. No make up, absolu monochrome : gris, noir, blanc et fausses couleurs.L’austérité fait des ravages. shot by Cecile Bartoletti for Jalouse no.64, 2003

Nicolas Ripoll in Reich der Sonne shot by Markus Pritzi for GQ Germany, F/W 2013

Collections shot by Daniel Jackson for Dazed & Confused, Sept. 2013

Tom Ordoyno for PoP magazine A/W 13
Source: bodyfluids

Filippo Minelli
"Silence/Shapes 2009"

The Garden for i-D Magazine

Photographed by Jonty Davies for Marie Claire US October 1998

Patrycia Korszun para Sam Santos design por Sergio de Rezende ph.

Alek Stoodley | Photographed by Angelika Wierzbicka for Idol Magazine